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Unfortunately, in the day and age that we live in, we are presented with many threats to both our personal safety and the safety of our possessions. There are plenty of criminals out there that will take any opportunity to make a quick buck and an unguarded property may seem like an easy target.

With more than 20 years of experience, our team offers specialised security services and products to the community of Nigel.

A highly qualified and experienced management team forms the backbone of our operation. Available 24 Hours a day, we are committed to client satisfaction.


Armed Reaction

We provide competent and fully trained armed and unarmed PSIRA registered security officers. Our reaction officers use state-of-the-art technology and are backed by an advanced 24 Hour control room. Not only are they experienced in protecting homes and businesses, but they also have specialised skills to operate advanced weapons and to handle complex and potentially dangerous situations.


CCTV Monitoring

Monitor 24 has been providing highly reliable and cost effective offsite CCTV monitoring solutions. Our client’s benefit by linking their new or existing CCTV to our offsite control room, monitored by our fully trained personnel. We are able to reduce your security spend, saving you money while improving your overall security and providing real peace of mind.


24 Hour Control Room

We use advanced systems to monitor, report on and manage the service that we deliver to our customers and greater communities. From real time tracking of reaction teams, clients and their properties to our extensive digital, video and radio networks, we ensure the highest levels of service and full accountability.


Installations & Maintenance

We offer a wide range of security maintenance, repair and technical services, providing a comprehensive electronic security solution for either your business or home. Our company takes the time to completely customise a security system to the needs of the client, making the customer a true priority. Finding out a client’s specific security needs helps us to focus on the best system suited to the client’s needs that will deliver the best results.

About Us

Monitor 24 was established by Deon and Rita Pretorius in the year 2000 and has since grown to become one of the best security companies in Nigel. Today, we are positioned to offer our clients a comprehensive range of security services.

The company has continued to evolve but throughout its history there has always been one constant – a disciplined and uncompromising ethos of service excellence to the client. Exceptional leadership and an unwavering commitment to service excellence from both management and staff have contributed to it’s exceptional growth and positioned it as a front-runner in the security solutions market.

Our services are fully accredited by the industry’s official regulatory body, Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA).


Monitor 24 is a proud sponsor of Motorsport in South Africa and in particular their son and driver Gideon “Spanner” Pretorius.

He is well known in the Oval Track Racing community and a fierce competitor in the 2.0L Hotrod division.

Spanner achieved 2nd place in his division at the South African Championships last season.

Security Products

Top Security Brands


Paradox Security Systems, are manufacturers of a range of top quality motion detectors, alarm panels, keypads and peripheral equipment. Known for their innovative research and development, Paradox is a recognised force in the world security industry. Sold in over 45 countries since 1989, Monitor 24 stocks a wide range of Paradox products.


Spectrum Security Products has partnered with one of the best CCTV camera manufacturers to create a new range, PARAVISION. Monitor 24 stocks a wide selection of security cameras to increase your security either at home or at the office.


MAMI is a South African based company that designs, manufactures and supplies equipment for the security industry. Products range from long and short range remote controls to radio transmitters, GSM communicators, security systems to alarm monitoring and perimeter protection.


Roboguard is a true Early Warning System which is significantly different from other types of systems that are available. We feel that Roboguard is an essential component of any security installation. Their primary function is to warn the inhabitants of a residence of the presence of an intruder with sufficient time to allow the resident to respond proactively. They are designed to reverse the element of surprise from the intruder to the resident.


MAMI’s tracking products cover almost any tracking needs. From guards to kids to pets, we have it. All our servers are locally hosted and keep tracking data for up to 12 months. All products have built-in SMS and/or email notification. Contact us for more information on these products.


Centurion Systems manufactures a diverse and award-winning range of products to control the access of people and vehicles into and out of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Leaders in gate automation and access control since 1986.


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